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What We Do

We are a Class A CBC licensed and insured contractor established to provide the best subcontracting experience available. We specialize in commercial construction related Exterior and Interior Framing, Prefabricated Cold Formed Framing Systems, Light Gauge Metal Roof Truss Systems, Sheathing, Weather Barriers, Insulation, Rough Carpentry, Drywall, Finishes, Acoustic Ceilings, Doors and Hardware, Wall Protection and other Construction Specialty services. Although varied, our services all come with the same promise of quality and dedication from the bid process to project turnover.

Our Promise

We promise to provide a focused team, efficient methods, clear communication, quality workmanship, professionalism and a can do attitude to successfully complete each project.

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About Me


I began my career in 2003 working for a local commercial drywall contractor which specialized in high profile and challenging projects. Starting with a broom in my hand cleaning job sites and working through the ranks to managing multi-million dollar projects then on to managing field operations for two of the areas premier contractors, I learned the value of hard work and how to lead from all positions. This environment provided a great training platform early on in my life as it pushed me to my limits and taught me attention to detail, how to plan, work efficiently, stay organized, communicate effectively and coordinate with others to successfully achieve our goal. The skills I learned not only helped my career, they also helped me grow as an individual and this personal success shaped the spirit of Capps, Inc. I believe commercial construction offers a tremendous amount of opportunity and, however challenging, is the prime environment to breed intelligent, hard working, well rounded individuals and Capps, Inc. is driven by this idea. I decided it was time to continue growing and pursue my dream of building the ultimate team dedicated to our commitments and only taking on projects which we can provide a full focus to ensure we live up to our promise. This is Capps, Inc. -Shane Capps